Restaurant & Café Hyttstugan

Enjoy a genuine food experience at the Restaurant Hyttstugan. Just 5 minutes’ walk from The Home of Carl Larsson. We prepare all our food from scratch on location and use mainly regional ingredients from local Swedish farmers. We are committed to provide top quality dishes that are suitable for any occasion. The World Heritage Buffet contains two different hot dishes, starters and tasty desserts.


Opening hours


15 april – 30 april

Café & World Heritage Buffet

Weekdays 11–14

Weekends 12–15

1 maj – 27 maj – Daily

Café 10–16

World Heritage Buffet 11–14

28 maj – 30 augusti Daily

Café 10–17

World Heritage Buffet 11–15

1 september – 30 september Daily

Café 10–17

World Heritage Buffet 12–15



Weekdays– SEK 145/person

Groups over 20 personer – SEK 125/person

Weekends– SEK 195/person

Groups over 20 personer – SEK 175/person

Fika – SEK 60/person

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Lunch booking groups

If you are a group over 20 persons, you can, when visiting The Carl Larsson House, book the World Heritage Buffet through the booking office of The Carl Larsson House.

Phone: +46 (0) 23 600 53