Prerssmeddelande och bilder Konsthallen Kvarnen

Japanese inspiration in Sundborn – now and then.

Kvarnen Art Gallery, Sundborn

June 16th – August 19th.

Opening hours daily 11 am – 5 pm


Carl and Karin Larsson were in France during the late 1800’s, when Japanese art and fashion exercised a strong influence on European artists. Carl painted several watercolors that showed the influence of the Japanese visual arts – in composition, line and style. He described this himself:

“… for me, as an artist, Japan is my native country. The Japanese are currently the only real artists in the world”.


Japanese culture, both traditional and urban, continues to fascinate new generations. Dalarna has a surprisingly strong connection with Japan. In The Carl Larsson House 2018 summer exhibition, to be held in The Kvarnen Art Gallery, vegetation will play a major role. Plants and vegetation are constantly present and prominent in Japanese art as they are in Karin and Carl Larsson’s art and lifestyle.

The artist Gunnar Kaj creates dialogue and collisions between tactile materials and plants from Sweden and Japan in the exhibition. With birch, bamboo, tatami, straw, lacquer, ceramics, moss and flowers as well as elements of art and design from Japan and the Larssons, the visitor will be moved both visually and emotionally. As an artist, Aia Jüdes has considerable experience of Japanese culture and exhibits here some of her own craft pieces together with her choice of Japanese items. Sanna Haverinen, a designer with great affection both for Japan and for Sundborn, has developed the graphic identity of the project.


– Carl Larsson-gården’s art gallery

The unpolished, rustic charm of Kvarnen (The Mill) makes it the perfect place for stimulating meetings between past and present. It is Carl Larsson-gården’s eye to the future and an arena for new encounters. During the summer season we have art and theme exhibitions related to Carl Larsson-gården.

Kvarnen Gallery
– one of Sundborn’s best-known landmarks, stands in the middle of the village, approx. 250 metres from Carl Larsson-gården,
– a colourful contrast to Carl Larsson-gården, Kvarnen Gallery will add another dimension to your visit to Sundborn,
– used for exhibitions and different types of special arrangements.
Please contact us if you would like to know more about the possibilities of Kvarnen Gallery.

The art gallery is not handicap-friendly. The venue has high narrow stairs up to the second and third floors.

Phone: +46 (0)23 600 53


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Design Shop

In the design shop at Kvarnen Gallery there is a fine selection of products. Modern design and themed to fit with the exhibition.