Carl and Karin Larsson’s quirky and unruly garden at Sundborn was included in many of the artworks that the couple created and that for generations now have been influencing the style of Swedish homes. And now their lost garden is back in full bloom! The world-famous garden has been recreated for the first time and this summer what in itself is a work of art will be resplendent in its former glory.

The beds will be filled with all the flowers and plants that stocked the garden in the late 19th century. In the kitchen garden all the traditional Swedish vegetables will be growing side by side with the French legumes that Karin brought home from her stay in the artists’ village of Grez-sur-Loing.

The garden furniture that Carl and Karin designed themselves and painted in characteristic deep colours will be in place again, alongside the stone seats and table that for years were buried under layers of earth. And, this summer, all the beauty, all the games they played, all the parties they held will be brought back to life in Carl and Karin Larsson’s garden at Sundborn.

Photos by Per Eriksson, Trigger Photo