Exhibition in the summer of 2023


“Karin Larsson — Let the hand be seen”

May 18 – August 20


Karin lets creativity fully control her creation, she composes
freely and sometimes she invents her own stitches.

There is a story about when one of the women in Sundborn
who was weaving the rugs for the Larsson family’s home
happened weave wrong. Karin replied,
“-continue… let the hand be seen”.

A comment that shows Karin’s attitude to the
textile craft and creation.

Karin’s creation is characterized by curiosity, innovation
and an openness to trends and influences that she
embraces and develops into her own.



In the exhibition we show Karin’s textile works, but we also highlight Karin Larsson
as a designer and clothing designer. Karin Larsson is the artist who goes her own way
and in this summer’s exhibition we let her hand be seen.




– Carl Larsson-gården’s art gallery

The unpolished, rustic charm of Kvarnen (The Mill) makes it the perfect place for stimulating meetings between past and present. It is Carl Larsson-gården’s eye to the future and an arena for new encounters. During the summer season we have art and theme exhibitions related to Carl Larsson-gården.

Kvarnen Gallery
– one of Sundborn’s best-known landmarks, stands in the middle of the village, approx. 250 metres from Carl Larsson-gården,
– a colourful contrast to Carl Larsson-gården, Kvarnen Gallery will add another dimension to your visit to Sundborn,
– used for exhibitions and different types of special arrangements.
Please contact us if you would like to know more about the possibilities of Kvarnen Gallery.

The art gallery is not handicap-friendly. The venue has high narrow stairs up to the second and third floors.

Phone: +46 (0)23 600 53
E-mail: info@carllarsson.se




Kvarnen Gallery
participates in


Design Shop

In the design shop at Kvarnen Gallery there is a fine selection of products. Modern design and themed to fit with the exhibition.