Museum shop

The shop at Carl Larsson -gården is filled with Carl och Karin Larsson’s artistry. Reproductions, books, cards and textiles make up the bulk of our stock, but there are also products like Karin’s flower steps and Carl’s Cactus lampshade, both modelled on the originals that can be seen in the house. You will also find jewelry, ornaments, screens, serviettes, porcelain and trays that have all borrowed details from paintings and textiles. What they have in common is that they give the originals a new form adapted to modern life. In a nutshell: there is something for everyone in the museum shop!


Carl Larsson-gårdens webbshop

Here we have collected the most popular products from our shop at Carl Larsson-gården in Sundborn. Whether you are looking for something for yourself, a gift or a fine detail for the home our hope is that you find it here. Reproductions, books, cards, jigsaw puzzles, stationary, porcelain and handcraft kits are just a few of the products we have uploaded to give you a pleasant shopping experience. Welcome in!

Welcome to our webshop!


Design shop

Only open during summer.
Housed in Gallery Kvarnen is Carl Larsson-gården’s own design shop. Dating back to the middle of the seventeenth century the old mill lends the shop a charming atmosphere and creates a pleasant background to the collection which is full of exiting encounters between the traditional and the more modern.

Among labels such as ERNST, Miljögården, Sagaform, Klippan yllefabrik och Lycka Form you can find selected products for the home, garden, the dining table and that personal gift. Exclusive gardening tools, pleasant colouring books for adults, glass, cozy woollen blankets, quality toys for the children and utensils for a perfect barbecue are just a few examples from our tasteful summer collection.