“A good bathing place”

A watercolor that Carl Larsson painted in 1896 and which is part of Ahome, published 1899,
Carl Larsson talks about A good bathing place:

»We could have been rowing along the river and seen the kids swimming. “A good bathing place.”


In Sundborn there are several bathing places to choose from
within walking distance of
 Carl Larsson-gården



Vitsands badplats


The bath is located below the parking lot located by the road.
From there goes a rather steep, long staircase.
Changing room, barbecue area and dry toilet.
Grassland and sandy beach, very shallow.
Walking distance about 1.5 km from från Carl Larsson-gården.

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Walking distance about 0.6 km from Carl Larsson farm.

Below Sundborn church there is a small swimming area.

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At Carl Larsson-gården


Do you want to take a quick cooling dip in Sundbornsån
then there is a jetty in the water outside the fence on
Carl Larsson-gården. Follow signs for the canoe trail from
parking at Hyttstugan.

Walking distance about 0.2 km from Carl Larsson-gården.