Walk around 12 of the rooms at Carl Larsson gården.

It is finally possible, through digital 360° technology, to experience the entire artist home with its fantastic, richly coloured interiors. Be inspired by the artist couple’s composite works of art that have influenced us through time. With the help of this technology we are taking our cultural heritage into the future where we can experience a large number of Carl’s paintings.
Purchase the app via the AppStore or Google Play for SEK 129 and take part in Carl’s magnificent monumental paintings, beloved watercolors and inspiring details from Lilla Hyttnäs.
• Introductory film, 5 min.
• Walk round 12 of the rooms with 360° technology. Experience paintings, old photos and objects in 3D.
• Chronology with over 130 paintings and old photos.
• Inventory of Carl’s works.
• Newsreel from 1916 about Lilla Hyttnäs and Sundborn.
• Keep abreast of what is happening in Carl and Karin’s world.